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4MyEarth® aim's to help make a difference in healing our earth, starting with the little things. Our products help make it easy for you to change your lifestyle so you can contribute towards a brighter cleaner and happier earth for generations to come. We love developing and finding eco friendly alternate solutions. 4MyEarth® is proudly Australian owned and operated.
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4MyEarth® Food Covers 4MyEarth® Food Covers
4MyEarth® Food Covers
Made from high quality cotton canvas so they will last you years!

Made from Cotton/Canvas with a biodegradable coating these washable,  reusable food covers will rid your fridge of plastic wrap and keep your food fresh time and time again.    Also great to have at an outdoor BBQ or Picnic to keep the bugs off of your food when no one is eating.

A little tip- You can use non toxic pencils to write on fabric side what is underneath, then simply wash off pencil with a bit of soapy water and hang up to dry ready for its next use!

Care Instructions
Dishwasher, machine or hand wash. Drip dry. Not to be used in microwave or oven.

Country of Origin
Ethically made in India.


Review from- Alisha  Naughty Naturopath Mum -

4MyEarth covers!! They are absolutely brilliant and have allowed me to chuck away my plastic cling wrap! I have not looked back!

They are not only an environmentally fantastic idea but they are so much better for the health of our food and therefore our health as they eliminate the need for aluminium foil and plastic wrapping to be touching our food.  There are things I do with them that might make the gorgeous Rebecca giggle and think, that’s not what you use them for! But seriously, you can use them for just about anything and they just get washed up in the sink or dishwasher and you use them again and again and again and…well you get the point!

I cover my hard cheeses, feta and other soft cheese….I cover cut onion, and other unused cut veggies such as pumpkin and sweet potato and when I leave my chia puddings in the fridge overnight, they have their own little covers now! You could cover your bircher breakfasts or any other foods that need soaking or fermenting!

I know my fridge looks like a 4MyEarth advert but this is how we roll now!  From cut meat, cheese and veggies to leftovers and my hubby’s lunch and snacks, we have it covered (pun intended!).

Review from- Nicole Mor Living Safe

For those of you who are looking for an alternative to toxic cling film and foil to cover your food, you simply will adore these reusable, washable 4MyEarth Food Covers. We have a set and use them all the time. Trust us you will wonder how you lived without them.

4MyEarth make a great range of eco-friendly, non-toxic, reusable food packaging products, but I have to say the latest addition to their range is our personal favourite. They are just so handy and will replace toxic, environmentally damaging and wasteful cling wraps in your kitchen, once and for all.

 We personally use the large one all the time for our bowls of salads, as they really do keep the vegetables so fresh and crisp. We make the salad during the day, sans the dressing, pop on a 4MyEarth Food Cover and into the fridge it goes till we are ready to eat it at dinner time.  They are perfect for covering leftovers and for protecting food from flies, bees, dirt and dust when at BBQ's and picnics.  


Review from- Cooking For Busy Mums

4MyEarth® range of food covers have proven to be very versatile for keeping food fresh and protected.

I received the medium and large cover to review. The large fits my large mixing bowl from IKEA which is perfect as I always make my pizza dough in this bowl. Now instead of using a piece of cling wrap to cover the bowl while the dough proves I can place the food cover on and easily take it off time and time again.

Currently this medium food cover is covering some leftover quiche that is still in the baking dish I used - perfect no transferring to containers and I can still keep it covered and easily replace the cover over and over again.

This medium size will also fit a standard dinner plate. Great for covering leftovers in the fridge.

The small size fits one of my small mixing/ serving bowls as well as a small side dish and small bowls found in most dinner sets.

These two food covers have been a lovely edition to my kitchen giving me more versatility for food storage in the fridge as I love to prepare meals in advance when I am working and this allows me to safely cover larger bowl sizes easily.

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