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Made from Cotton canvas with a plant based lining. This lining helps keep food fresher for longer.

Yes we recommend a warm machine wash after use, hang to dry

We estimate 1000+ uses, an average of 5 years. The cloth and lining are biodegradable at the end of their long life.


Simply swap them for your usual food covering. Use a 4MyEarth Food Cover instead of plastic wrap or foil over a bowl or cut veggies, perfect for Avo's and Capsicum.

The elasticated edge stretches to fit over all sorts of containers.

Yes, over time.

An example is :

180 school days per year x 5 years = 900 days. You will use one 4MyEarth Wrap for lunches = $16.95 or spend $54 on 9 boxes of 100 zip lock bags, so a saving of over $37.

Using one 4MyEarth Wrap instead of a zip lock bag each day for school lunches for 5 years you will save 3.6kg of single use plastic from landfill.

That's the equivalent of 240 600ml water bottles!

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