Home schooling can be fun, right?


Biology activity sorted! What a cute way to learn about the skeleton! There are some great ideas floating around at the moment. My kids are loving the fun ways we can learn. I am enjoying finding them things we can learn about. The origin of pizza, then make one. Maybe I should have been a teacher…

We are on school holidays still officially but I am doing some learning activities still, it gives the day structure! I am finding this homeschooling really interesting. Especially for my Year 4 boy, who is really benefiting from the one-on-one time I spend with him.

The work we need to do doesn’t take up too much time really, we may stay home and do this for a while longer but I will be glad when he can have playdates again, aka mumma’s cuppa catch up time!

How are you coping? I hope it’s all going ok. Stay well x

Home school biology!