4MyEarth is an Australian family business founded in 2007

Proudly Australian owned

4MyEarth products are ethically handmade in India

Handmade ethically in India

The Cotton and lining are biodegradable at the end of the products life

Biodegradable at the end of their life

4MyEarth cloth products are machine washable

Easy care, machine washable

4MyEarth products give you zero waste food storage solutions

Zero waste food storage solutions

4MyEarth products can be used 1000+ times, that's 5 years of school lunches etc

1000+ uses = 5 years of school lunches


Together we can make a difference

Julia Clifton owner of 4MyEarth caught snacking with Purple Dandelion snack pocket

Hello from me!

Having my morning snack from my 4MyEarth Snack Pocket!

We use all our products in our home, our Sandwich Wraps & Pockets are still going strong after 7 years!

I truly value your support, together we can make a difference!

Julia - Owner 4MyEarth

4MyEarth can help save thousands of tonnes of landfill

4MyEarth products really do reduce waste!

Since we started in 2007, we’ve saved over 20,000 KGS of single use
plastics from entering landfill or our waterways. That’s the same as 1.3 million plastic bottles!

We've helped thousands of homes, schools, businesses & organisations reduce their waste. We can help you too!

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Making lunches with 4MyEarth

Making lunches with 4MyEarth

September 05, 2023 1 min read

My morning routine generally starts with making lunches. I thought it may be helpful to list the 4MyEarth products I use so you can see if they would work well for you too!
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4MyEarth Bamboo Produce bags make great stock bags so easy to use

Easy stock - use a 4MyEarth Bamboo Produce bag!

September 01, 2022 1 min read

Making stock is easy when you use a 4MyEarth Bamboo Produce bag to hold all your ingredients. Simply fill and submerge in water, boil, then remove the bag and discard the ingredients.
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Silicone Burger Slab and Slider Slab from 4MyEarth

Burgers in a minute!

August 12, 2022 1 min read

Our silicone burger and slider slabs make burger prep so easy!  You can literally prepare dinner in a minute then pop the slab in the fridge for an hour or freeze for another day. Pop them out onto the BBQ or pan. Who needs takeaway?!
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