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4MyEarth Product Information

Our 4MyEarth cloth products are made from Cotton canvas with a plant based, food safe lining. This lining helps keep food fresher for longer.

The Cotton is OXY bleached and we use natural dyes in our printing process. This may lead to some variations of colour in our prints.

Yes, we recommend you turn them inside out and pop in a warm machine wash after use. Use of a tumble drier may damage the lining so we recommend you hang to air dry.

We estimate 1000+ uses, an average of 5 years, but some customers say they last longer! The cloth and lining are biodegradable at the end of their long life.

Our 4MyEarth cloth products are designed by us here in Australia and ethically handmade in India by a small family owned business that we have been working with since 2007. Only adult staff are employed and they have fair pay and work conditions.

Other products we sell are ethically sourced.

The product and lining are plastic free. We have yet to find an eco alternative to the velcro and zip. We are constantly testing alternatives to ensure they work well and last a long time. We hope to transition to more sustainable fastenings asap.

Our hang sell retail packaging is made from recycled card, and is recyclable.

We have an option at checkout to select this full packaging or small information cards.

* We package plastic free but were asked by our former distributor to attach a plastic tag to our Food Covers. If you have a product with this tag (sorry about the plastic!) it may have left a tiny hole, as our products are canvas, simply scratch the fibres gently and the hole disappears.


Simply swap them for your usual food covering. For example use a 4MyEarth Food Cover instead of plastic wrap over a bowl or cut veggies etc and a 4MyEarth Wrap instead of a zip lock plastic bag.

Yes, over time.

An example is :

180 school days per year x 5 years = 900 days. You will use one 4MyEarth Wrap for lunches = $16.95 or spend $50 on 9 boxes of 100 zip lock bags, so a saving of over $30.

Using one 4MyEarth Wrap instead of a zip lock bag each day for school lunches for 5 years you will save 3.6kg of single use plastic from landfill.

That's the equivalent of 240 600ml water bottles!

As the Cotton and lining are biodegradable they will decompose even in landfill, but we recommend home composting if you are able. For the velcro and zips, they may be reused or disposed of (check in your local area for any suitable recyclers etc).

Yes they are. No animal products or animal by-products are used in our production and they are not tested on animals.

Our order process

We have a few ways you can pay. PayPal, Credit Card, ShopPay and Afterpay is available at checkout.

If you prefer, you may call us on 0400 210468 and we can process a credit card payment over the phone. As we are in WA please leave a message if we cannot answer your call!

Fundraiser orders may be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

We are based in Perth, WA and aim to send out orders within 48 hours M-F.

We use recycled paper envelopes, recyclable card mailers or boxes.

Please see our shipping page for more information.

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