September 05, 2023 1 min read

I thought it might be useful to list out what I use, so you can see if this works for you, your family and your routine...

Mornings = making lunches! I have my 4MyEarth stash in a drawer, and I pull out 3 Sandwich Wraps and 3 Pockets. I then generally make a Vegemite sandwich, a cheese & salad wrap and cut a portion of zucchini slice or grab a couple of veggie sausage rolls etc.

These leftover lunch items have been stored in the fridge in the dishes they were cooked in, covered with a Food Cover. I then wrap all the lunches up in the Wraps.

Next I grab some cookies, or some seed slice from the Food Bag in the freezer. I find batch cooking and freezing morning tea items works for me. They are defrosted by mid morning. Or perhaps some popcorn or carrot sticks. I pop their morning tea in Snack Pockets

Then I pull out the Insulated Lunch Bags - pop in a frozen ice block and fill the lunch bags with the Wrap and Pocket and some fruit. Zip it up and ready to go.

* Our new style Lunch Bag has a front zip pocket too, so handy for morning tea - saves unzipping the whole bag, especially for little people that may forget to zip it back up!

Lunch case with Wrap and Pocket - Ocean Life

Lunches done, waste free! Pop the Wrap and Pocket in the wash after use, I wash the Lunch Bags weekly.

Hope that helps!


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