January 18, 2024 2 min read

Our new silicone Food Pouches arrived this week. We've had refillable pouches in the past but they have been plastic, and I am not too keen on any plastic touching our food so we now use silicone.

Soft to touch, easy to hold, these are great for littlies and also those who have eating difficulties.

A few facts : 

  • Made from food safe silicone, they are LFGB tested free from harmful or toxic chemicals. BPA and plastic free.
  • There is a fill capacity guide on the side, they hold 120ml
  • Leak resistant lid, food can be squeezed or sucked
  • They can be used for cold and hot food and heated in hot water or a microwave. * Remove the lid to avoid steam build up, stir contents and excercise caution with the temperature of the food *
  • Easy to fill with a spoon or funnel
  • Remove the lid and wash in warm water using a bottle brush, or pop them in the dishwasher (top shelf), it is best to rinse out first

Some suggested uses are yogurt, protein shake, baby food, fruit puree and juices. These can be frozen too!

And they save money too - an example :

  • A low cost supermarket 1kg tub of yoghurt costs $4
  • This gives you 14 x 70g servings = $0.28 each
  • Versus 14 x 70g low cost pouch ($0.75 each) = $10.50 - saving $6.50

You'll pay for your 4MyEarth Food Pouch in the time it takes you to get through 20 pouches!

That's for low cost yoghurt... baby food pouches & high protein yoghurts etc cost even more!

Available in two colours, Opaque Pearl and Olive Green. $9.95 or a 5 pack for $44.95.

Save plastic waste and money - view them now!

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