June 18, 2024 1 min read

I touched on this briefly on Instagram in May, but wanted to pop it here as a reference point for you to refer to your local council.

We've done a bit of a house tidy-up and inevitably there are things you just don't need, some may be broken or unused etc.

We all need to ask ourselves :

💡 Can it be fixed, if not by you, then perhaps a Men's Shed or similar may be able to?

💡 If clothes and shoes are in good condition, donate to your local charity shop or organisation

💡 Is it compostable or biodegradable, can you do this at home?

💡 Officeworks have e-waste, pens and battery recycling bins at their stores = YAY and thank you to them. This is the link for their info https://www.rfr.bz/ilfwhkt

This is the A-Z guide for Western Australia - https://www.rfr.bz/ilfwhl4

Other States may have similar - I just googled "guide to how to dispose of items in western australia"

It's really concerning ... for example hangers - metal, plastic or wooden should go in the general waste bin not recycling - so best to donate to charity or they will go to landfill. Even if they are plastic or metal, whaat?!

I recommend you all find your local A-Z waste guide and read up on what happens to the stuff you think will get recycled...

To blow our own trumpet...4MyEarth products last for years and years and then the Cotton and lining are biodegradable. Just the zip and velcro is left - for re-use perhaps.

EDIT : Businesses like RecycleSmart may be able to help - check out if they have collections in your area.


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